Curriculum Vitae

09.2008-06.2012: Shandong University, China. B.E. in Communication Engineering.

09.2014-06.2017: Shandong University, China. M.S. in Communication and Information Systems.

since 09.2017: PhD Candidate at TU Delft, Network Architectures and Services, The Netherlands.


Research Interests

Complex Networks

Controllability and Robustness of Complex Networks


Published Papers

He, Z., Sun, P. and P. Van Mieghem, 2019, "Topological approach to measure network recoverability", best paper award, The 11th International Workshop on Resilient Networks Design and Modeling, 14-16 October, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Sun, P., R. E. Kooij, Z. He and P. Van Mieghem, 2019, "Quantifying the Robustness of Network Controllability", 4th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety (ICSRS), 20-22 November, Rome, Italy.

Dhiman, A., Sun, P and R. E. Kooij, 2021, "Using Machine Learning to Quantify the Robustness of Network Controllability", Machine Learning for Networking - Third International Conference, MLN 2020, Springer, p. 19-39.

Sun, P., He, Z., Kooij, R. E., & Van Mieghem, P. (2021). "Topological Approach to Measure the Recoverability of Optical Networks". Optical Switching and Networking, 100617.

Sun, P., R. E. Kooij and P. Van Mieghem, 2021, "Reachability-based Robustness of Controllability in Sparse Communication Networks", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, to appear (10.1109/TNSM.2021.3082283).