The following persons, former NAS PhD students, have obtained their PhD (doctoral) degree at Delft University of Technology

  1. Maria Raftopoulou (Apr. 2024): Resource management in wireless networks
  2. Gabriel Budel (Apr. 2024): Complementarity and Similarity in Complex Networks
  3. Massimo Achterberg (Jan. 2024): Epidemics on Static and Adaptive Networks
  4. Ivan Jokic (Sep. 2023): Complex networks: topology, spectrum and linear processes
  5. Long Ma (Jan. 2022): Spreading processes in complex networks and systems
  6. Peng Sun (Jan. 2022): Robustness of controllability and recoverability of complex networks
  7. Bastian Prasse (May 2021, cum laude): Epidemics on Networks: Analysis, Network Reconstruction and Prediction
  8. Zhidong He (Mar. 2020): Performance of Complex Networks
  9. Qiang Liu (Oct. 2019): Spreading on Networks
  10. Hale Çetinay İyicil (Oct. 2018): Analysis and planning of power grids: A network perspective
  11. Marcus Märtens (Jan. 2018): Information Propagation in Complex Networks
  12. Jil Meier (May 2017): The relation between structure and function of brain networks
  13. Niels van Adrichem (Feb. 2017): Resilience and Application Deployment in Software-defined Networks
  14. Xiangrong Wang (Dec. 2016): Robustness of complex networks: Theory and application
  15. Farabi Iqbal (Sep. 2016): Routing and Disaster Awareness in Optical Networks
  16. Yakup Koc (Nov. 2015, cum laude): On Robustness of Power Grids
  17. Song Yang (Jun. 2015): Routing in Optical and Stochastic Networks
  18. Ruud van de Bovenkamp (Jan. 2015): Epidemic Processes on Complex Networks
  19. Cong Li (Oct. 2014): Characterization and Design of Complex Networks
  20. Stojan Trajanovski (Oct. 2014, cum laude): Modular Structures, Robustness and Protection of Complex Networks Theory, Complexity and Algorithms
  21. Norbert Blenn (Jun. 2014): Content Propagation in Online Social Networks
  22. Wynand Winterbach (Mar. 2014): Topology of Molecular Networks
  23. Ebisa Olana Negeri (Feb. 2014): Architecting the smart grid as a holarchy
  24. Edgar van Boven (Nov. 2013): Economic Complex Networks - a holarchy of evolving sectors
  25. Javier Martín Hernández (Oct. 2013): Measuring Robustness of Complex Networks
  26. Dajie Liu (Mar. 2013): Robustness and Optimization of Comlex Networks: Reconstructability, Algorithms and Modeling
  27. António Madureira (Dec. 2011): Value of digital information networks: a holonic framework
  28. Anteneh Beshir (Apr. 2011): Survivability and Impairment-aware Routing in Optical Networks - An Algorithmic Study
  29. Yue Lu (Oct. 2010): Analysis of Streaming Media Systems
  30. Siyu Tang (Sep. 2010): Information Propagation in Peer-to-Peer Networking
  31. Jasmina Omic (Sep. 2010): Epidemics in Networks - Modeling, Optimization and Security Games
  32. Huijuan Wang (Sep. 2009, cum laude): Robustness of Networks
  33. Tom Kleiberg (May 2009): Flow-based Networking and Quality of Service
  34. Bingjie Fu (Mar. 2009): Traffic Engineering and Quality of Service in the Internet
  35. Almerima Jamakovic (Oct. 2008): Characterization of Complex Networks
  36. Santpal Dhillon (Sep. 2008): Ant Routing, Searching and Topology Estimation Algorithms for Ad Hoc Networks
  37. Xiaoming Zhou (Nov. 2006): Measuring the Internet
  38. Milena Janic (Oct. 2005): Multicast in Network and Application Layer
  39. Ramin Hekmat (Sep. 2005, cum laude): Fundamental Properties of Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  40. Fernando Kuipers (Sep. 2004, cum laude): Quality of Service Routing in the Internet - Theory, Complexity and Algorithms