Remco Litjens studied econometrics at Tilburg University and electrical engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1997, he started working for KPN Research, which became TNO Telecom in 2003. In the same year, Remco successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Twente. His primary research interest is in the performance analysis and optimisation of cellular and wireless local area networks.


`Capacity Allocation in Wireless Communication Networks - Models and Analysis'


The principal purpose of capacity allocation in wireless communication networks is to efficiently provide sufficient resources in order to meet service quality targets where and when needed. an extensive suite of mechanisms enable a network operator to effectively handle the key challenges that are predominantly imposed by the unpredictability of the traffic, mobility and propagation characteristics. This monograph presents models and analyses to provide valuable insights into the complex interactions of the capacity allocation mechanisms and to reveal the inherent trade-offs between network capacity and service quality. To download the thesis, which I finished in 2003, press: thesis.


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