Working at Ericsson Telecommunication in Rijen, Netherlands. Main activities include network architecture for combined mobile and wireline networks (Fixed mobile convergence, FMC). Focus area within these combined networks is Value added services (VAS), including the migration of existing (‘legacy’) IN services to the new IMS network.

Many years of active involvement in development of Intelligent Network (IN) technology has resulted in the publication of my book on Intelligent Networks. See link below.

I have spent over two decades in telecommunications industry, working for various companies in South Africa and since 1996 for Ericsson, Netherlands. Now part time working on PhD thesis at the Network architecture and services group at TU Delft.

During my work at Ericsson, I have participated in ETSI and 3GPP standardization for the development of the CAMEL standard (vice chair of 3GPP-CN2 standardisation group). See 3GPP TS 22.0783GPP TS 23.078 and 3GPP TS 29.078. Now I’m working on IP multimedia networks.

Research area

Study the robustness of IMS network deployment. Develop methodology to measure IMS network performance. Propose areas of improvement.

Related interests

-          Mobile networks (GSM, GPRS, UMTS and beyond)

-          Intelligent networks (IN)

-          Unlicensed mobile access (UMA)

-          Femto cells / Home gateway

-          IP Multi media system (IMS)

-          Voice call continuity (VCC)

-          Combinational services / Rich communication suite (RCS)

-          Multimedia telephony (MMTel) in LTE networks


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Several patents and patent applications in the area of Intelligent networks (CAMEL), Mobile networks (GSM, UMTS) and IP Multimedia networks (IMS).


Rogier Noldus


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