Cambridge University Press, 2014

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  1. Introduction
  2. Random variables
  3. Basic distributions
  4. Correlation
  5. Inequalities
  6. Limit laws
  7. The Poisson process
  8. Renewal theory
  9. Discrete time Markov chains
  10. Continuous time Markov chains
  11. Applications of Markov chains
  12. Branching processes
  13. General queuing theory
  14. Queuing models
  15. General characteristics of graphs
  16. The shortest path problem
  17. Epidemics in networks
  18. The efficiency of multicast
  19. The hopcount to an anycast group
  • Appendix A. A summary of matrix theory
  • Appendix B. Solutions of problems
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Performance Analysis of Complex Networks and Systems (2014) is a development of Performance Analysis of Communications Networks and Systems (2006).

With the appearance of the 2014 version, the older 2006 book is not printed anymore.