Presently, the following students are doing their MSc Project with NAS and our partners:




Daily Supervisor

Thesis topic

Haoyun Wang Piet Van Mieghem Dr. Scott Dahlgren The basic reproductive number of epsilon-SIS epidemics on networks
Zoujiamin Chen Piet Van Mieghem Ir. Rogier Noldus Synchronizing communication service registration with 5G communications network attachment
Hanyun Hu Piet Van Mieghem Ir. Rogier Noldus Investigation into the introduction of enriched communication in 5G mobile communications network
Ashish Kumar Panda  Dr. Remco Litjens Dr. Remco Litjens Multi-layer beamforming for reliability in Factories of the Future
Pinqi Guo Piet Van Mieghem Dr. Maksim Kitsak Topological properties of complementarity spatial graph models.


A list of former MSc students can be found here.