Current MSc Students

Presently, the following students are doing their MSc Project with NAS and our partners:




Daily Supervisor

Thesis topic

Jack Tao Piet Van Mieghem Ir. Rogier Noldus Applying RoHC for RTP in the 5G communications network
Tim Alers Piet Van Mieghem Ir. Rogier Noldus Methods and applications of transforming a time series into the graph domain
Jinyi Zou Rob Kooij Fenghua Wang Assessing and increasing the robustness of networks
Stan Mulder Dr. Eric Smeitink Dr. Eric Smeitink The use of AI/ML to increase the availability and continuity of Business Critical and Mission Critical IT systems
Sakshi Agarwal Dr. Remco Litjens Dr. Remco Litjens AI-ML-optimised Exploitation of Reflective Intelligent Surfaces in 6G Networks
Ran Xu Rob Kooij Fenghua Wang Controller placement with optimal availability
Xiaowei Duan Piet Van Mieghem Zhihao Qiu The inverse shortest path problem
Hanyun HU Piet Van Mieghem Ir. Rogier Noldus Investigation into the introduction of enriched communication in 5G mobile communications network
Shubhra Kulshrestha Piet Van Mieghem Ir. Rogier Noldus Study of signaling security in 5G networks
Ashish Kumar Panda  Dr. Remco Litjens Dr. Remco Litjens Multi-layer beamforming for reliability in Factories of the Future


A list of former MSc students can be found here.


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