NAS participates in the Bachelor's program of Electrical Engineering and the following Master Programs:


The offered courses are the following:

Code Title Teacher
EE2T21  Data Communication Networks Dr. Maksim Kitsak
ET4034 Telecom Business Architectures and Models  Dr. Edgar van Boven 
EE4C06  Networking Piet Van Mieghem
IN4341  Performance Analysis Piet Van Mieghem
CS4195 Modeling and Data Analysis in Complex Networks  Dr. Huijuan Wang
EE4396  Mobile Networks  Dr. Remco Litjens, MSc
EE4630  Telecommunication Network Architectures Ir. Rogier Noldus
CESE4050 Measuring and Simulating the Internet Dr. Fernando Kuipers
CESE4045 High Performance Data Networking Dr. Fernando Kuipers
ET4358 Fundamentals of Wireless Communications Dr. Remco Litjens, MSc


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